Emerging Issues Task Force

EITF Meeting Materials

November 19, 2010 Meeting

  1. EITF Agenda Report   
  2. EITF Issue No. 10-D, “Fees Paid to the Federal Government by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers”
  3. EITF Issue No. 10-F, “Accounting for Legal Costs Associated with Medical Malpractice and Similar Claims”
  4. EITF Issue No. 09-H, “Health Care Entities: Revenue Recognition”
  5. EITF Issue No. 10-A, “How the Carrying Amount of a Reporting Unit Should Be Calculated When Performing Step 1 of the Goodwill Impairment Test”
  6. EITF Issue No. 10-E, “Accounting for Deconsolidation of a Subsidiary That Is In-Substance Real Estate”
  7. EITF Issue No. 10-G, “Disclosure of Supplementary Pro Forma Information for Business Combinations”
  8. Announcement for new EITF PCFRC Observer