Agenda Requests

How do I submit an agenda request?

To submit an agenda request, email your letter request to Please note Agenda Request in the subject line to expedite the request. All FASB agenda requests are required to be made available to the public via our website. An archive of previously received agenda requests from 2006 to present are available below.
If you have further questions about how to submit a request, please email Fungisai Chambwe at

What are the criteria that FASB uses in evaluating agenda requests?

When we receive an agenda request, we set out to answer some key questions, including:
  1. Is there an identifiable and sufficiently pervasive need to improve GAAP? In other words, what improvement is needed?  And what’s the extent to which it affects users, preparers, auditors, and others?
  2. Are there technically feasible solutions and are the perceived benefits of those solutions likely to justify the expected costs of change? This is an important consideration, as we want to make sure we use our time efficiently and effectively on the highest priority projects that we will be able to complete.
  3. Does this issue have an identifiable scope? Can we effectively identify the scope of the potential project?
Decisions about whether a project meets those criteria is a matter of judgement based on research and analysis performed by the FASB staff.

What information should be contained in an agenda request?

Please provide contact information including name and email when submitting so the FASB staff can follow-up with you on your request.

To help us in evaluating your request in a timely manner, the following information is helpful to provide to the FASB staff:
  • Identify the portion of the Accounting Standards Codification or the Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts that is the subject of the request
  • State in sufficient detail the reason or reasons for the request, the pervasiveness of the issue, and relevant perceived costs and expected benefit considerations
  • Set forth specific proposals for solution, with reasoning (technical or other as appropriate and practicable) in support of such proposals.

What can I expect once I submit a letter?

The staff will acknowledge the agenda request. A copy of the request will be shared with members of the Board. The staff and Board will review each request. In its consideration of such requests, the FASB will seek to determine whether we have adequately considered and dealt with the information and reasoning submitted in support of the request when the standards or concepts in question were developed, and whether events and circumstances coming to the FASB’s attention warrant the FASB’s review.
When it determines that adequate consideration may not have been given previously to such information or reasoning or that events and circumstances warrant review, the FASB will consider and, in its discretion, take the action it deems appropriate in those circumstances.
Generally, these requests are brought to an Agenda Prioritization meeting for public consideration by the Board. The timing of this process can vary depending on the Board’s agenda, availability of staff resources, and the nature of the research and analysis that needs to be done. The staff assigned to the request can provide an update upon request. If you have further questions, please email Fungisai Chambwe at

How will I get an answer to my request?

The stakeholder who submitted the written request is notified of the outcome of their agenda request by the staff. If the agenda request is being deliberated at a Board meeting, then the staff will endeavor to notify the stakeholder prior to such meeting.
Any written communications are subject to our public file requirements and will be included on our website with the agenda request.

Are copies of agenda requests publicly available?

All letters the FASB receives that are an agenda request or a request that the FASB review or reexamine authoritative standards or financial accounting concepts are made available to the public. Letters received from 2006 and later, and any FASB written responses to those letters are available here.