FASB Careers

Project Administrative Assistant


Edit, proofread, and fact check all technical documents and Board memorandums. Coordinate administrative functions on the FASB Board’s agenda projects and functional projects. Provide support to the technical staff on all other aspects of projects. This position requires strong planning and organizational skills; ability to set priorities and work independently; and a flexible attitude toward assigned projects and relations with others.


  • Edit and proofread all technical documents (internal and those for public issuance) to conform to FASB style, FASB Codification style, Chicago Manual of Style, and the SEC’s Plain English lnitiative. Determine accuracy of all titles, quotations, and paragraph references.
  • Coordinate and oversee all administrative aspects of meetings, e.g., public roundtables, task force meetings, resource group meetings, seminars, etc.
  • Coordinate electronic distribution, both internal and international.
  • Derive comment letter distribution list and oversee duplication and distribution requests.
  • Review project files on the Intranet and maintain J Drive organization.
  • Institute written standards for the project administrative departmental manual that serve as guidelines on all departmental functions; update standards as necessary to facilitate due process procedures.
  • Work on special assignments for and along with the Manager, PD&S.
  • Provide primary or secondary backup support to other PAAs and PACs.
  • Provide primary or secondary administrative and research backup support to other project teams, as assigned on a continual basis or as needed to meet established deadlines.
  • Train new Project Administration staff on procedures, due process, and editing to FASB style, FASB Codification style, Chicago Manual of Style, and the SEC’s Plain English Initiative. Train new RTA staff on procedures and due process.


  • College degree or equivalent; background in English, Business and/or Journalism; with exposure to accounting, finance, business classes in college.
  • Minimum one year of editing experience.
  • Ability to edit and proofread; possession of excellent written and oral communication skills; possession of grammatical skills.
  • Self-direction; perseverance in following through on all tasks, flexibility, and openness to changing demands.
  • Ability to establish priorities and time schedules to complete all tasks effectively.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with all levels of FASB management and outside contacts.
  • Knowledge of FASB due process and procedures, responsibilities of various FASB staff positions, and the environment in which the FASB operates.
  • Knowledge of accounting terminology.
  • Highly proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Computer literate.

Contact Information

Qualified candidates that meet the requirements of this position should forward their resume, with cover letter and salary requirements to: Ginny Cintron, Personnel Manager, vicintron@f-a-f.org.