FASB Careers

Codification Project Manager

The Role

The primary role of the Codification Project Manager is to maintain and improve the FASB Accounting Standards Codification (Codification).

In carrying out the responsibilities of this position, the Codification Project Manager is expected to (a) plan and meet deadlines; (b) provide high quality analysis of issues; (c) effectively communicate internally with staff and externally with stakeholders; and (d) effectively lead, motivate, and collaborate with other staff that impact the Codification.

The Codification Project Manager is responsible for managing the decision-making process related to the Codification; working with technical staff on content-related matters and FAF production on systems-related issues. This requires leadership of ideas, thoughts, and recommendations. This also requires an ability to be persuasive and to work with other technical staff and Board members as a group and individually.


The Codification Project Manager will possess strong skills in technical accounting and related computer research systems (i.e., FASB Accounting Standards Codification or “Codification”). In addition, this individual will also make periodic live and online presentations and is expected to interface with FASB’s stakeholders, advisory groups and in workshop meetings addressing the continuing development and improvement of the Codification.


Maintain and Improve Codification System and Content

  • Identify and implement enhancements to the Codification to improve its utility and reduce complexity (systems issues are addressed with and through FAF production) by:
    • Conducting periodic outreach to constituents to identify areas of possible improvement;
    • Evaluating enhancements to functionality, working with users, FAF production and third party software support;
    • Identifying specific accounting content and recommend changes to improve clarity and understandability of the GAAP guidance (e.g. improvements in organization, structure and authoring to more clearly convey the requirements); and

Maintain and Improve Internal Quality Control Processes

  • Monitor and oversee the resolution of feedback submitted through the online feature, including:
    • Developing a tracking system; possibly using performance metrics to ensure issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner;
    • Maintaining the assignment list that indicates the FASB staff experts assigned to each technical topic;
    • Monitoring prompt resolution of feedback received; and
    • Evaluating the ongoing relevance of the Technical Inquiry (TI) reporting system; specifically, whether the TI systems should be retained or whether the TI system ought to be combined with the online Codification feedback feature.

Develop and Deliver Education and Awareness

  • Develop and deliver educational updates related to changes to the Codification as well as to its overall organization and structure.

General Responsibilities Related to Primary Job Function

  • Create and administer detailed project plans, timelines, task lists and to manage each project;
  • Plan and develop budgets as necessary to support project activities; and
  • Make presentations and engage in public outreach efforts.


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
  • Direct work experience in a project management capacity, including all aspects of process development and execution. Experience in using project management software is preferred.
  • Strong organizational skills and proven track record of implementing and ensuring completion of development projects on time, in accordance with timelines and milestones, and within budget.
  • Strong interpersonal skills necessary to interface with FASB, FAF, SEC staff and the financial community.
  • Strong oral communication skills, in order to enhance public awareness
  • Analytical and problem-solving capabilities
  • Motivated, proactive mindset
  • Strong technical accounting knowledge
  • Experience with FASB Accounting Standards Codification and/or equivalent research platforms
  • Years of experience can be slightly lighter than typical Project Managers (10+ years)
  • Strong skills in computer systems (accounting and systems) are a necessity.

Contact Information

Qualified candidates that meet the requirements of this position should forward their resume, with cover letter and salary requirements to: Ginny Cintron, Personnel Manager, vicintron@f-a-f.org.