FASB Careers

Assistant Technical Editor


The FASB Assistant Technical Editor (Assistant Editor) is responsible for editing all FASB technical pronouncements, including Discussion Papers, Exposure Drafts, and final Accounting Standards Updates. This position is essential to achieving the FASB’s strategic goal of issuing documents that are clear and understandable to a wide range of readers.

The FASB members ultimately have the final say on the content of all technical communications. The role of the Assistant Editor is to help them communicate those technical requirements as clearly and simply as possible.

The Assistant Editor is a respected and valued advisor to FASB Board members and staff. That requires that the Assistant Editor develop collegial and collaborative working relationships, educating and coaching staff and Board members in principles of clear technical writing and effective communications.


  • Provide technical editing services for all FASB Discussion Papers, Exposure Drafts, and final Accounting Standards Updates. The Assistant Editor contributes to the clarity of those documents by:
    • Becoming involved in their development at the earliest possible stage
    • Working closely and collaboratively with FASB staff to achieve the goal of technical requirements that are clearly communicated
    • Notifying the Technical Director and Assistant Director promptly when document drafts are not sufficiently clear
    • Working closely with the FASB Editor to resolve any questions about FASB style
  • Coach and mentor staff and Board members develop clear writing and effective communications skills by:
    • Providing constructive feedback through the editing of documents
    • Holding informal and formal training sessions
    • Letting the Technical Director know if particular staff might benefit from more in-depth training
  • When asked, help PAAs with editing Board memos or other technical material for clarity.
  • Support the FASB Editor in maintaining effective writing guidelines.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, communications, linguistics or other related field.
  • Outstanding skills in writing about complex technical topics to audiences with varying degrees of technical knowledge.
  • Proven experience in technical writing or editing—at least 5 years previous work experience. Previous experience writing or editing material about financial accounting and reporting is highly desirable.
  • Has an understanding of information in the fields of financial accounting and reporting sufficient to identify and resolve inconsistences and inaccuracies.
  • Fluency in U.S. English.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, in particular:
    • The ability to work effectively with a wide range of different personality types
    • The ability to work collegially and foster relationships characterized by respect and trust
    • The confidence necessary to edit the work of, coach, and collaborate with all levels within the organization.
  • Strong organizational skills—must be able to work with others as a team to meet deadlines within specified time constraints and to coordinate several projects at one time.

Contact Information

Qualified candidates that meet the requirements of this position should forward their resume, with cover letter and salary requirements to: Ginny Cintron, Personnel Manager, vicintron@f-a-f.org.