Status of FASB Staff Position FAS 115-1 and FAS 124-1

The Meaning of Other-Than-Temporary Impairment and Its Application to Certain Investments


Date Posted:
November 3, 2005

Amends APB 18, paragraph 6(a)
Amends FAS 115, footnote 4
Amends FAS 124, paragraph 7

Affected by:
Paragraphs 3A, 13A, 14A through 14G, 15A through 15E, 16A through 16C, 18A, and 18B added by FSP FAS 115-2/FAS 124-2, paragraphs A4(a), A4(e), A4(f), A4(h), A4(j), and A4(m), respectively
Paragraphs 4(b), 13, headings preceding paragraph 15, 16 through 18, and A2 through A4 and footnote 2 amended by FSP FAS 115-2/FAS 124-2, paragraphs A4(b), A4(d), A4(g), A4(i), A4(k), A4(l), A4(n) through A4(p), and A4(c), respectively
Paragraph 13 effectively amended by FAS 156, paragraph A10
Paragraph 14 effectively amended by FSP FAS 115-2/FAS 124-2, paragraph A4(f)
Footnote 3 amended by FSP FAS 107-1/APB 28-1, paragraph A3

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