Status of FASB Staff Position FAS 115-2 and FAS 124-2

Recognition and Presentation of Other-Than-Temporary Impairments


Date Posted:
April 9, 2009

Effective Date:
For interim and annual reporting periods ending after June 15, 2009; early adoption permitted for periods ending after March 15, 2009  

Amends APB 28, paragraph 30
Amends FAS 60, paragraph 50
Amends FAS 115, paragraphs 16 and 19
Deletes FAS 115, footnote 4
Adds FAS 115, paragraph 18A
Amends FAS 130, paragraphs 17 and 19
Adds FAS 130, paragraph 19A
Adds FSP FAS 115-1/FAS 124-1, paragraphs 3A, 13A, 14A through 14G, 15A through 15E, 16A through 16C, 18A, and 18B
Amends FSP FAS 115-1/FAS 124-1, paragraphs 4(b), 13, headings preceding paragraph 15, 16 through 18, and A2 through A4 and footnote 2
Amends SOP 03-3, paragraphs .07, A-6, A-7(a), A-7(b), A-9(a)(1), A-9(a)(2), A-11(a)(1), and A-11(a)(2)  

Affected by:
No other pronouncements  

AICPA Accounting Standards Executive Committee (AcSEC) Related Pronouncement:
SOP 03-3  

Issues Discussed by FASB Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF)  

Modifies EITF Issue No. 99-20 

Interpreted by:
No EITF Issues 

Related Issues:
EITF Topic No. D-41 

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FIN - FASB Interpretations
FTB - FASB Technical Bulletins
APB - APB Opinions
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