Status of Interpretation No. 46

Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities—an interpretation of ARB No. 51


January 2003

Effective Date:
Immediately for all variable interest entities created after January 31, 2003; for the first fiscal year or interim period beginning after June 15, 2003 for variable interest entities in which an enterprise holds a variable interest that it acquired before February 1, 2003

No other pronouncements

Affected by:
Superseded by FIN 46(R), paragraph 4

Other Interpretive Releases:
FASB Staff Positions FIN 46-1 through FIN 46-8 (superseded by FIN 46(R))

Issues Discussed by FASB Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF)

Nullifies EITF Issue No. 90-15 and Topic No. D-14
Partially nullifies EITF Issues No. 95-6, 96-21, 97-1, and 97-2
Resolves EITF Issue No. 84-30

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