Status of Technical Bulletin No. 86-2

Accounting for an Interest in the Residual Value of a Leased Asset:

  • Acquired by a Third Party or
  • Retained by a Lessor That Sells the Related Minimum Rental Payments


Issued: December 1986

Effective Date:
December 17, 1986, for transactions entered into on or after June 18, 1986


No other pronouncements


Affected by:
Paragraph 12 replaced by FAS 125, paragraph 241, and FAS 140, paragraph 356


Issues Discussed by FASB Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF)


Nullifies EITF Issue No. 85-32
Resolves EITF Issue No. 84-25


Interpreted by:
No EITF Issues


Related Issues:
No EITF Issues

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