Summary of Statement No. 124

Accounting for Certain Investments Held by Not-for-Profit Organizations (Issued 11/95)


This Statement establishes standards for accounting for certain investments held by not-for-profit organizations. It requires that investments in equity securities with readily determinable fair values and all investments in debt securities be reported at fair value with gains and losses included in a statement of activities. This Statement requires certain disclosures about investments held by not-for-profit organizations and the return on those investments.

This Statement also establishes standards for reporting losses on investments held because of a donor's stipulation to invest a gift in perpetuity or for a specified term.

This Statement is effective for annual financial statements issued for fiscal years beginning after December 15, 1995. Earlier application is encouraged. This Statement is applied either by restating the financial statements of all prior years presented or by recognizing the cumulative effect of the change in the year of the change. The expiration of restrictions on previously unrecognized net gains may be recognized prospectively.