Summary of Statement No. 41

Financial Reporting and Changing Prices: Specialized Assets—Income-Producing Real Estate—a supplement to FASB Statement No. 33 (Issued 11/80)


This Statement supplements FASB Statement No. 33, Financial Reporting and Changing Prices. It requires enterprises that present information on a current cost basis to combine measures of income-producing real estate and related expenses at either historical cost/constant dollar amounts or at current cost amounts with current cost measures of other assets and expenses. Statement 33 provides that an enterprise need not present information on a current cost basis if there would be no material difference between that information and information on a historical cost/constant dollar basis. Therefore, an enterprise needs to present information on a current cost basis only if it has significant holdings of inventory, property, plant, and equipment apart from income-producing real estate. This Statement applies to fiscal years ended on or after December 25, 1980.

The Board will continue to work with its advisory task group for the real estate industry to develop improved methods of measuring the effects of changing prices on this industry.