FASB Names Two New Members to Its Small Business Advisory Committee

Norwalk, CT, December 9, 2021—The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) today announced the appointment of two new members to its Small Business Advisory Committee (SBAC), effective immediately.

The new members are:
  • Karl Bailliez, Senior Operating Executive and Finance Practice Leader (COAC), Cerberus Capital Management
  • Ryan Siurek, Chief Accounting Officer, Biodesix, Inc.
The SBAC serves as a standing resource for the FASB. Its role is to provide focused input and feedback from a small public company perspective, consider whether there are differences in perspectives for small public versus private companies, and assist the FASB and its staff on matters for which the FASB may seek guidance.

“Karl Bailliez and Ryan Siurek each brings robust professional backgrounds to the SBAC—Karl as a financial statement user with international expertise in mergers and acquisitions and Ryan as a preparer in diverse industries including biopharmaceuticals and hospitality,” stated FASB Chair Richard R. Jones. “I look forward to their contributions to SBAC discussions on how the FASB can best serve smaller and medium-sized companies and their investors.”

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